AICCC 2022

AICCC 2022 was held successfully in Osaka International Convention Center, Japan during December 17-19, 2022. Prof. Seiichi Ozawa from Kobe University, Japan has been invited to give Opening Remark for the conference. Prof. Yan Li from University of Southern Queensland, Australia, Prof. Kenji Suzuki from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and Prof. Seiichi Ozawa from Kobe University, Japan have shared Keynote Speeches with us. Assoc. Prof. Spiros Kostopoulos from University of West Attica, Greece and Prof. Sule Yildirim Yayilgan from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway delivered invited speeches at the conference. There are 7 sub-sessions with topics Robot and AI, Data model and system analysis, Machine learning model and algorithm, Image analysis technology and method, Digital Image Analysis and Calculation, New generation AI technology and Application and Information management and intelligent monitoring system. Many researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world have presented their research results and development activities. 

Conference Proceedings:

April 19, 2023, News! The AICCC 2022 proceeding is available Online.

June 1, 2023, News! The AICCC 2022 papers have been indexed in EI compendex and Scopus !

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Keynote and Invited Speeches:

Prof. Yan Li, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Speech Title: EEG Sleep Stages Classification Using Artificial Intelligence Technology 
Prof. Kenji Suzuki, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Speech Title: AI Doctor for Diagnostic Aid and Medical AI Imaging with Deep Learning 
Prof. Seiichi Ozawa, Kobe University, Japan
Speech Title: Cyber Security and Its Countermeasures for AI Systems 
Prof. Spiros Kostopoulos, University of West Attica, Greece
Speech Title: Medical image analysis for Alzheimer's disease based on radiomics: preliminary results 
Prof. Sule Yildirim Yayilgan, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Speech Title: Imaging Processing and Machine Learning at MRPET


Best Presentations:

Session 1

Paper ID: AC0040

Paper Title: Multiple Robots Path Planning based on Reinforcement Learning for Object Transportation

Authors: Manukid Parnichkun and Sarawat Ruamngern

Presenter: Manukid Parnichkun, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Session 2

Paper ID: AC0032

Paper Title: Understanding SyncMap: Analyzing the components of Its Dynamical Equation

Authors: Tham Yik Foong and Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas

Presenter: Tham Yik Foong, Kyushu University, Japan

Session 3

Paper ID: AC0042

Paper Title: Investigation of Automatic Part-of-Speech Tagging using CRF, HMM and LSTM on Misspelled and Edited Texts

Authors: Farhad Aydinov, Igbal Huseynov, Sofiya Sayadzada and Samir Rustamov

Presenter: Samir Rustamov, ADA University, Azerbaijan

Session 4

Paper ID: AC0033

Paper Title: C-SupConGAN: Using Contrastive Learning and Trained Data Features for Audio-to-Image Generation

Authors: HaeChun Chung and Jong-Kook Kim

Presenter: HaeChun Chung, Korea University, Republic of Korea

Session 5

Paper ID: AC0028

Paper Title: The drone detection based on improved YOLOv5

Authors: Ziwei Tian, Jie Huang, Yang Yang and Weiying Nie

Presenter: Ziwei Tian, Zhengzhou University, China

Session 6

Paper ID: AC0018

Paper Title: Application of Artificial Intelligence in Early–Stage Diagnosis of Sepsis

Authors: Oznur Esra Par, Ebru Sezer and Hayri Sever

Presenter: Oznur Esra Par, Turkish Aerospace Industry, Turkey

Session 7

Paper ID: AC0057

Paper Title: Affect recognition using simplistic 2D skeletal features from the upper body movement

Authors: Saba Baloch, Syed A. R. Syed Abu Bakar, Musa Mohd Mokji, Saima Waseem, Adel Hafeezallah

Presenter: Saba Baloch, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Johor Bahru, Malaysia


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